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A highly desirable LHD 1996 Porsche 993 Carrera RS finished in black (L741) with leather Recaro seats. The 993 was the model code given to this generation of Porsche 911 and was launched in 1994 and produced until 1998. As the last of the air-cooled 911s, this RS version is the ultimate of what many Porsche enthusiasts consider as being the last of the ‘real’ 911s.

The letters RS stand for Rennsport in German, meaning ‘Race Sport’. These cars were produced to meet the homologation requirement in order for Porsche to race in the FIA Group 4 GT Championship. As opposed to producing a road car to take to the track, the RS models are the definitive race cars for the road. Only 1,014 of these cars were originally produced, many of which were raced or subject to crash damage, making this a very rare and sought-after example.

The car was ordered new with several factory option upgrades:

  • 197 Stronger battery
  • 336 Blaupunkt Dusseldorf RCR 84
  • 371 Carrera RS Sports Seat, left, manually adjustable
  • 372 Carrera RS Sports Seat, right, manually adjustable
  • 451 Reduced radio preparation
  • 459 Strut brace
  • 562 Front airbags
  • 573 Air conditioning