About Trofeo


Trofeo specialises in the sale and acquisition of the finest automobiles. We search for cars with provenance that we feel passionate about and that offer long-term collectability. Over the years, this has led to a diverse personal collection and experience in the research and preparation of sought-after cars.

The two main services we offer are private sales (either on behalf of clients or from our collection) and car acquisitions. We are often asked to find specific or ‘hard to find’ examples for car collectors. Our acquisition service offers a level of protection and reassurance for these buyers.

We extensively research and prepare all of our cars – sometimes this means uncovering an unusual history behind the car, other times a complete restoration. In every case, we make sure the cars we list as ‘available’ are in absolutely spot-on condition and ready to drive immediately.

Above all, we are collectors, drivers and enthusiasts. This means that the cars always come first. We have built our reputation on this approach.

The inspiration for Trofeo came from Juan Manuel Fangio: “You need great passion, because everything you do with great pleasure, you do well.”

Contact: alastair@trofeocars.com